Food Services

We appreciate  your interest in the services provided by Esnad. As a solution provider firm, we support your company when it comes to planning and setting up a new production line and improving your quality level, as high quality ingredients are the key elements for your business success.

Our core competencies are in the areas of:




We grant you the opportunity to acquire customized, tasty and high-quality products. For this reason we opt for the best quality when it comes to seasonings whether it be marinades, spice mixtures or food additives.


Variety of Flavours:

Since 1989, the company has been able to develop and improve flavours in order to achieve the highest standards of quality, consistency. Today, Esnad deals with around 1200 types of raw materials.


Process Technology:

We have grown from being only in the domestic market to start exporting to Asia, Middle East & European market. This was made possible by incorporating the latest technology and equipment including the world’s best machines from Europe & Asia. 



       Flavour’s Industries:

The Innovation of the sensory impression is our mission at Esnad.   

Our wide range of flavour ingredients, and many years of experience enable us to work flexibility with our customers and meet their expectations.

Esnad produces a range of Snack flavour blends tailored to the customer needs.


            1- Chips

             Our snack flavour blends are designed with special attention to their adhesive qualities on any type of seasoning application.

             2- Nuts:

             Nuts flavours that seek to satisfy consumer demand of variety.

             3- French Fries:

             We have a number of unique French Fries flavours with attractive aromatic top notes.

             4- Pop Corn:  

             Exciting flavours from Esnad help you to order your favourite popcorn

      Food Additives

      Meat and Poultry Products

      Integrated solutions help you to balance cost and performance with commitment to consistentcy, high quality and on time delivery. 

      Esnad group maintained its role in manufacturing & supplying spices, food additives & seasoning for its customers.